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Gold Coast Hotels and Accommodation

Known for its glorious coastline, Gold Coast is one of Queensland’s premier playgrounds. It brings glitz, glamour, and a lot of fun to all its visitors. There are many unique features of the area that visitors enjoy experiencing during their visits.

Most of Gold Coast’s attractions revolve around the coast and the beach, but there is much more to do than that. When you book your accommodation in Gold Coast, you can choose from serviced apartments, hostels, budget hotels, and luxury suites. All of these can place you right in the heart of what Gold Coast has to offer. Here’s a taste of what a visitor can expect there.


Beaches and Surfing

Gold Coast, as it is named, is mainly about the draw of the coastline. The area boasts long stretches of beachfront, perfect for families, couples, and gatherings of friends. There is plenty of space to bring a picnic, set up camp for the day, and enjoy playing in the water. You can relax with a book, play some sand volleyball, or simply watch the water flow in and out with the waves.

Gold Coast also draws many surfers and those interested in water sports. The coast offers a great chance to catch a wave and try out new tricks.


Theme Parks

Since the area largely focuses on the water, theme parks in the area reflect this and draw many visitors during the year. For example, Sea World offers a Gold Coast location, perfect for experiencing marine life as a family. There are also theme parks dedicated to fun in the sun and water play if the beach isn’t ideal for your group. 


Hiking Trails and Outdoor Fun

Gold Coast isn’t only the coast itself. If you move inland, there are many unique outdoor experiences to enjoy. For example, hiking trails snake through national parks and mountain ridges and valleys. You can lace up your hiking boots and get some exercise while you take in the Australian outdoors.

Additionally, there are also rare birds and rainforests in the area. This could be a one in a lifetime chance for you to be in an environment you have never experienced. You may also spot animals you only have seen in zoos. For this reason, Gold Coast is a great place for the person who loves the outdoors to visit.


Staying in Gold Coast

When you book your Gold Coast hotels and accommodations, keep in mind the type of activities you plan to pursue. This way, you can book a stay close to where you’ll want to go. You can also use your hotel’s location to search for great restaurants and cafes in the area, which will give you a taste of the area’s best culinary offerings.

Advance booking is best, so you can use Quickbeds to get started on your trip to Gold Coast. Whatever your budget, you can pick a place to stay that will help you make the most of your trip, enjoying all that Gold Coast has to offer. 

Some of the most popular areas of the Gold Coast are Surfers Paradise, Broardbeach and Coolangatta. 

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